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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
'Shin Splints'

Individuals with “Shin splints” experience pain down the inside of the shinbone, usually nearer the bottom than the top. This is caused by inflammation to structures in this area.


This condition is commonly seen in runners, and individuals complain of pain which builds during exercise and eases with rest. It is a direct result of high-impact exercise overloading the tibia (e.g., running on concrete) along with certain predisposing biomechanical factors.


It is possible after clinical evaluation an MRI scan could be ordered to help confirm the diagnosis, and your physician may also perform blood tests to look at your bone health, measuring tests such as calcium and Vitamin D.


Treatment involves, rest, physiotherapy to strengthen the lower limb and core, possible Orthotics assessment and a careful, graduated re-introduction to exercise.

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