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Dr Alastair Jones
The Sports Injury Doctor

Dr Alastair Jones is an experienced Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine Physician, leading clinics and successfully treating patients across Yorkshire for over 10 years.

The clinics are multi-professional and attract all forms of patients, from elite athletes and high-level amateurs to people who have injured themselves at work or during their activities of daily living. All patients have the commonality of being serious about their sport, work or activity and want to return to it as quickly and safely as possible.

The team treats all kinds of sporting injuries, from concussion and tendon injuries to stress fractures and shin splints.

People who are passionate about their sport, work or hobby and have had an injury use the clinic's expertise to accelerate their recovery and get them back to a pre-injury level of fitness.

Sports Injury Doctor Alastair Jones

Our Philosophy


We use clinical evaluation and diagnostic tests to find the cause of your problem


Using evidenced-based therapies, we address the underlying problem and aim to return you to full function and activity


The multi-professional team will guide and advise you on how to prevent recurrence of your injury.

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